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Montessori Toys for Infants and Toddlers

Friday 22nd July 2011

Classic Baby is an Australian online retailer offering a selection of high quality wooden Montessori toys for infants and toddlers.

As parents and educators we know how important your child’s development is. But while formal education is in place for children at a later stage, the vital first three years of a child’s development is often overlooked. Our range of Montessori toys gives you the materials you need to bridge that gap and provide your child with a pre-school Montessori education at home.

Our range of Montessori toys has been developed based on the original materials that Dr Montessori designed in the 1920s. These beautiful, high quality educational toys have been carefully designed to allow each child to reach their potential through natural curiosity and exploration. Our toys encourage the development of self-confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline and a lifelong passion for learning.

Their simple, unassuming design reflects the vision Maria Montessori had – helping to keep the child focused on the task rather than the object. By choosing to make the toys in wood, we are staying true to Montessori: wood offers wider experience to a child through its grain, variety of smells, differing weights and sounds when tapped. Wood also attaches importance to nature, which in turn connects the child to the world around them.

Are the Toys Environmentally Friendly?

Yes. This was very important to us when the toys were undergoing research and development. As well as having the toys tested under the Australian/New Zealand toy standards, Classic Baby is part of a global effort to provide products that meet the highest environmental standards. The woods used in our complete range of Montessori toys are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council/Rainforest Alliance Certified™ forests and are responsibly harvested to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment. We want to make a mark on the world, but we don’t want to harm it.